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War Thunder challenges players to access Ground Forces beta

War Thunder Ground Forces

War Thunder developer Gaijin has announced that the closed beta for the Ground Forces expansion is coming December 4th, and that you can start preparing yourself to get into the exclusive testing phase right now. 

Rather than just getting you to sign on the dotted line to declare your interest though, Gaijin are setting players a mission. Succeed, and you can leave the skies behind in favour of being stuck in a cramped metal goliath. Fail, and you’ll have to stick to dog fights for now.

Pilots should report in at 13:00 GMT for orders on November 13th. They will have until 11:00 the following day to accomplish the following:

Destroy 60 ground units in Arcade battles, 30 ground units in History battles, or 30 ground units in Full Real battles.

Completion of one of those three missions will result in eligibility to proceed with the mission at large, with new orders being issues during the following three weeks. The more missions players complete, the better their chances of getting into the Ground Forces closed beta.

War Thunder is free to fly (and drive, come the Ground Forces closed beta), so if you want in on thrilling WWII heroics, you need only point your Steam account this way. Provided your efforts are deemed worthy, you could be joining the elite on the ground from December 4th, when the Ground Forces beta finally takes to the field.