War Thunder getting a massive update in spring and kicks off third wave of Ground Forces beta

War Thunder update

The third wave of closed beta for War Thunder’s Ground Forces kicked off today, bringing more soldiers into the fray. The last time I played War Thunder it was just planes, but now people are faffing around in tanks, which sounds like quite the lark.

Open beta is next on the cards, and Gaijin has been selling War Thunder starter packs offering rare tanks to give purchasers a leg up when the next phase begins. 

Over in the main game, Gaijin are gearing up for what they are calling the biggest game update yet, 1.39, which is planned to go live this spring. 

Gaijin is planning a bunch of new features for the spring update, though some of them might not make the cut.

  • User Generated Content – The release of tools for creating user-generated content. Players will be able to create their own planes, locations and missions, as well as their own unique camouflage patterns for their planes.
  • New Aircraft – The update will introduce 18 new planes in the world of War Thunder, that were in service in Germany and Japan during the Korean War era and later, these include MiG-15, North American F-82 Twin Mustang and F-086 F-30 of the Japanese SDF.
  • Squadrons – New features for Squadrons including special events and Squadron Vs Squadron battles.
  • Interface – Faster statistics and map, improved crew and control settings interface.
  • Ground Forces – As the closed beta test is at full swing, the team hope to introduce player controlled units.
  • Flight Model – Introducing the ability for planes to overheat and control heaviness to all aircraft.