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War Thunder: Ground Forces now available, 6 million pilots to receive their tank licenses

War Thunder Ground Forces in open beta

If you’re one of War Thunder’s six million players, you can now take a break from shooting things out of the sky and blow stuff up on ground level. Yes, the thunder of planes is about to become the thunder of tanks as the Ground Forces expansion is now open to everyone and all. 

The new 1.41 update brings Ground Forces out of closed beta and into the open, and now players can craft their own military set-up to include both planes and tanks.

Currently available are Soviet and German vehicles of light, medium, and heavy nature, as well as self-propelled guns and anti-aircraft solutions. The heavy weapons of further nations will be introduced in the coming months, as well as new maps.

If you’d rather stay in the sky, a further 10 new aircraft have been added as part of patch 1.41, so pilots are not being neglected.

To get involved with the free-to-play WW2 themes vehicular shooter, sign up at the War Thunder website.