War Thunder 1.67 makes way for Assault co-op mode and adds 19 new vehicles

War thunder 2017

The latest War Thunder update is now live, clearing some space for a new mode, as well as adding fresh map locations and all-new vehicles. 

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In 1.67 there are now over 80 maps to battle over, with this patch adding three new locations: one for air and two for combined arms battles.

Guiana Highlands takes players to an altitude 6,000 meters above sea level, while the two combined arms battles, Ardennes and Phang Nga, are set during the early stages of the Battle of the Bulge and the Pacific War, respectively.

The patch also lays the groundwork for a new co-op mode which is being added soon. Assault, as the mode is called, pits players against waves of enemies as they try to hold strategic locations.

Anyone in a tank will be holding back enemy tanks on the ground, as friendly bombers provide air support above. Pilots are tasked with keeping enemy bombers back,

There are also 19 new vehicles, including the new British self-propelled gun FV4005, boasting the largest cannon in the game.Check out the rest at the War Thunder site.