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War Thunder adds British tanks


Because what better represents a giant angry house than British Values? Rolling across the landscape, firing tea. This is my vision of World War 2 combat and you can’t take it away from me.

In a devblog on the official site, War Thunder devs Gaijin Entertainment break down the tanks they’re adding from our noble home forces. They are as follows.

The A34 ‘Comet’: A medium cruiser that packs a serious punch at high speeds, demolishing enemies while moving too fast to be targetted. Don’t get stuck in the mud unless you like the idea of a very angry shell coming through your hull with more than a couple of words for you about the state of your living arrangements. And death. White hot death.

The Churchill Mk. III: A slow, steady infantry support vehicle that will take everything thrown at it and give back twice as good. If enemies retreat you’re meant to slowly roll up to them while screaming whatever motivational song you can think of in the hope it will help protect you (along with your strong armour). I recommend Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.

The Centurion Mk. 3: A later development than most here, its real-life equivelent never took to the field in World War 2 but did duty in later conflicts. Its massive gun, seen above, utilised the sabot ammo type which excelled at piercing armour with its dart shaped, skin shedding rounds.

Phwoar: guns. War Thunder’s free to play on Steam.