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War Thunder’s ‘Battle March’ 1.57 update adds over 20 new aircraft and ground vehicles, new maps and more

War Thunder

War Thunder’s latest update is bringing out the big guns, adding massive aircraft, huge tanks, devastating anti-aircraft guns, and more.

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There are over 20 vehicles being added in total, including the S.25 Sunderland flying boat, one of the largest sea planes to see active duty during WWII. Another highlight is a plane that was known by the nickname the “flying tank” – the American P61 “Black Widow” night fighter – so expect it to pack a punch.

On top of these already exotic additions, there’s the FW 189 A-1 ‘Uhu’, a strange contraption known as the ‘flying eye’ because of its glass cockpit and recon role, and also the Do 335 heavy fighter – Germany’s fastest piston powered aircraft.

Meanwhile, on the ground, the extremely rare Falcon AA gun has been meticulously recreated in cooperation with the British tank museum in Bovington, and will join two other top-tier British vehicles being added in the update – the Conway tank destroyer and Chieftain Mk.3 main battle tank.

Germany and Russia won’t be missing out either, and you can see the full list of new vehicles on the War Thunder development blog.

You’ll also be getting new stomping grounds for this extra armour, with Frozen Pass and Volokolamsk joining map circulation.The best thing is, lighting effects like muzzle flashes, rocket launches and explosions have all seen a major visual overhaul, too, so these new machines will seem even deadlier and the maps will shine brighter, particularly by night where battles now pop like a firework display.

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