War Thunder ‘Royal Armour’ Update brings British tanks, Russian jets and a whole lot of desert

war thunder russian jet royal armour

The British are coming! The British are coming! And they’re rolling up in some new arrangements of steel, guns and olive drab paint. The latest War Thunder update has arrived and the range of vehicles it’s boasting is massive. From the new selection of British tanks to the numerous aerial additions, the ‘Royal Armour’ update is one of War Thunder’s biggest yet.

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It’s not just Brit tanks that are rumbling into the ‘Royal Armour’ update either. The most modern plane in the game has arrived in the form of the Russian jet-powered MiG-17. Elsewhere, Russia and Germany both find a new tank in their arsenal and the USA get their very own naval biplane – for old-school dog-fighting only. You can get a handy rundown of the main new additions along with their individual merits in the trailer below:

Sticking with the British theme, developers Gaijin have also added a couple of maps based on Britain’s North-African campaign, including ‘Tunisia’ and ‘The Second Battle of El Alamein.’ Both maps look gorgeous, and bring their own unique gameplay elements to War Thunders already impressive selection of battlefields.

For a full list of new features which spans from gameplay tweaks to weird, backwards-firing tanks, check out Gaijin’s blog post here.