War Thunder to throw birthday smash in Moscow, and you’re invited

War Thunder Birthday

Did you know it’s War Thunder’s second birthday next month? No? Well it’s a good thing I told you. What’s more is they’ve invited you to their birthday party, which they’re holding over at the Cyber Stadium club in Moscow, Russia. There’ll be plenty of stuff to do – including developer panels, prize giveaways and the ‘Battle of the Eagles’ tournament.

Just don’t forget to bring a card.

The party will be held in the Cyber Stadium club in Moscow, Russia, on November 1st. All the developers will be there, and they planning on sharing what’s in the pipeline for War Thunder – including something “amazing and important” that true fans won’t want to miss.

The ultimate event at the celebration is the Gladiators 4×4 ‘Battle of the Eagles’ tournament: a clash of the best teams in Russia to see who’s the best at tanks and planes alike. If you can’t make it, don’t worry – the whole thing will be streams on Twitch too.

Although it’s open to anyone, places will be limited. Ticket sales will start “very soon”, so you might want to keep your eyes peeled on their website to snag one.