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War of the Vikings leaves Early Access and lands on our shores

War of the Vikings launches

Don’t mind all of these armed, hirsute men jumping off their longships, screaming obscenities at you. They’re only vikings, and they are very friendly in a murderous, pillaging sort of way. No doubt they just want to celebrate the launch of War of the Vikings, which left Early Access yesterday. 

It’s like it’s multiplayer close-quarters combat cousin, War of the Roses, but better in so many ways, and not just because of all those glorious beards. Take a look at what Rob made of the bloody battles when he, Tim and I swung our axes around at the Paradox Convention in January. 

The finished game tosses in five new maps for you to slaughter your enemies in, including Stronghold, where warriors fight around a besieged viking village and Ice Floe, where vikings and Saxons carve each other up on a desolate ice floe surrounded by water and icebergs.

The standard edition will set you back £14.99/$24.99, while the top tier version, the Valhalla Edition, costs £99.99/$174.99, but comes with access to all future content, an art book, a strategy guide, the official soundtrack and a digital novel.