Warcraft III: Reforged updates will change Ranked play – here’s how

Following Warcraft III: Reforged‘s “challenging” launch at the beginning of the year, publisher Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled a new set of changes aiming to “make Reforged ever better”. These address the studio’s “highest-priority feature addition currently under development”: the strategy game’s Ranked play.

According to the post on Blizzard’s site, the studio wants “the features and functionality [to] build upon the original Warcraft III Ranked mode, while also considering the community-driven variants that have emerged in both legacy Warcraft III and Reforged”. Its modes – 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and FFA – will each receive their own ranked ladders, as was the case in Warcraft III. Plus, apart from “your raw point value”, there won’t be any requirements stopping you from rising or descending in rank – so, no “promotion or demotion matches”.

That doesn’t mean there are no changes from old-style Warcraft III – Blizzard says Reforged will move to a “more distinct medal system” from its existing levels system – like Starcraft II’s “Bronze through Grandmaster ranking system”. Additionally, Grandmaster will become the top rank, made up of the top 300 players “with the highest MMR globally”, and there ar some adjustments to how rank and MMR will be displayed in-game.

If you’re wondering how you’ll establish a rank going forward, the requirement is simple: finish up “a series of five placement matches” – that is, if you don’t have one for a particular mode or race combination yet.

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Alongside the above, Blizzard says it’s introducing Ranked seasons to the game for the first time, which means – like many comparative online multiplayer games – new map rotations, balance updates, other tweaks, and seasonal rewards. MMR and divisions will get a bit of a shake-up in between seasons.

If Ranked’s not really your thing, fear not: Blizzard says it’ll be adding an Unranked mode, too, shortly after Ranked arrives. So, you’ll have space to practise your skills and tactics, and get to grips with the game without worrying about losing your position. You can find out more about how this’ll work at the post on Blizzard’s site.

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