Warcraft 3 finally gets widescreen support

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Praise the Old Gods! Warcraft III’s latest update has finally added widescreen support.

Here’s how Warcraft 3’s modding community paved the way for League of Legends and Dota 2.

Blizzard released the patch notes for Warcraft III’s latest update (1.29) yesterday, but one particular change caught the eye of fans – widescreen support.

That’s right, Warcraft III now offers a widescreen option to improve visuals and stop the UI being stretched for those using wider screens – which often distorted the game. Bookends have also been added to the in-game interface and black pillars have been added to menus.

Warcraft 3

In addition, the latest update adds 24 hero lobbies (with 12 new team colours). Here are the inventive new team colours:

  • Player 13 – Maroon
  • Player 14 – Navy
  • Player 15 – Turquoise
  • Player 16 – Violet
  • Player 17 – Wheat
  • Player 18 – Peach
  • Player 19 – Mint
  • Player 20 – Lavender
  • Player 21 – Coal
  • Player 22 – Snow
  • Player 23 – Emerald
  • Player 24 – Peanut

The update also squashes some bugs, and makes some much-needed changes to hero balance including units such as Paladin, Far Seer, Mountain King, and Blademaster.

You can check out the full list of patch notes here.