WarCraft: Armies of Azeroth is a nostalgic Starcraft II mod remake of Blizzard’s Warcraft III

WarCraft: Armies of Azeroth

A budding bunch of modders have remade Blizzard’s Warcraft III strategy game inside of Starcraft II. They’ve opted to try and “save” the original balance and graphical design of the game, while adding new gameplay features of their own. The models, while referencing Blizzard’s own, are completely custom made using the newer and more polished engine.

We’ve got a trailer and some screenshots below, so if you were a fan of the game, you can check it out.

We’ve known for a couple of months know that Blizzard might have something planned for Warcraft III, when assets and icons were uploaded to the Battle.net app in an update. Unfortunately, nothing was announced at this year’s BlizzCon, so it all remains a mystery.

For the time being though, this mod does look rather promising, as long as there’s no copyright conflicts from Blizzard. Take a look at some more screenshots of the game below.

WarCraft Mod 1

WarCraft Mod 2

WarCraft Mod 3

WarCraft Mod 4

WarCraft Mod 5