Warcraft 3 job listing hints at future updates

Warcraft 3

A recent job listing by Blizzard suggests more patches, and perhaps new content, is coming to Warcraft III.

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The job listing is for a senior software engineer who will be “a key contributor for Warcraft III and other classics.”

The listing explains that the chosen applicant will be “working closely” with Blizzard designers and the community “to help create epic features and bring about a balance that will keep players engaged for years to come.”

The responsibility of the role is to design, implement, and maintain various gameplay systems for Warcraft III, with experience in combat, AI, multiplayer, pathing, or related game systems listed as “ideal.”

Warcraft 3

This listing suggests Blizzard plan to patch Warcraft III further, possibly adding new content such as maps or game modes. However, other job listings, combined with balancing patches, suggest they are paving the way for a remaster.

One of the worlds’ worst kept secrets is that a Warcraft III remaster is probably in the pipeline at Blizzard. However Blizzard have not officially confirmed they are working on it, explaining last year that Warcraft III’s original game would need to be fixed first.