Warface’s latest update brings a new map, new weapons, and a new maximum rank

Cryengine to get Linux support

The latest update for Warface – Crytek’s free-to-play online first-person shooter – brings a new Blitz map, a new maximum rank, and a couple of new weapons.

In Blitz, players have 90 seconds to defuse, or protect, an explosive device planted in the centre of the map. New map Residence – set in a “luxury villa of Oberon White, the main antagonist of Warface and [the] money and brain behind the entire Blackwood operation” – pits teams with the task of protecting stored explosives. Crytek reckons it’ll challenge players “with its unique tactical setup, full of convenient places for team ambushes and intense close-range battles.”

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As for the new weapons? There’s a lightweight, high-performance submachine gun, the ZX84 A5 Custom, which also boasts a Fast Zoom scope. The Atheris GQ50, on the other hand, is a sniper rifle that purports to penetrate protective gear, even at medium ranges.

The max rank has also been increased to 84.

Publisher My.com have also announced they’re expanding the number of regional servers to accommodate players in Asia.

My.com becameWarface’s EU/USA publisher back in January following Crytek’s restructure.