Warface giveaway! Win one of 200 earth-shaking loot packs for Crytek’s FPS


Warface, as you probably remember, is Crytek’s militaristic multiplayer shooter. It elevates aggressive CoD-style antics with a silly slide key – pop into a Warface map and you’ll see soldiers carrying 60 pounds in kit sliding into cover, under gaps in fences, at opponents with their SMGs in full blaze.

Sound like your sort of silliness? Read on for the chance to stuff your cheeks full of tools of war like a violent hamster.

You’re in with a shot of winning one of two loot packs related to Warface’s new volcano lab co-op update, Earth Shaker. The first constitutes a temporary, five-day machete and helmets for the rifleman, medic, engineer and sniper classes – as well as permanent Ultra Marine blade, GU5 pistol and five resurrection coins.

The second – rather rarer – pack incorporates the machete and helmets for a 15-day period, plus a couple of weeks with the S18G machine pistol and permanent access to the MT-19 submachine gun, army knife, HEX autorevolver and 15 resurrection coins.

We’ve got 175 of the first, and 25 of the other. To grab a pack, you’ll need to complete one of the actions suggested by the widget below. The more actions you complete, the higher your chance of winning. We’ll dole the codes out at random, so you could end up with either pack.

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