Warframe update 11 brings scrap-collecting drones and new bosses into the dojo


Warframe has launched update 11 today, slapped with the exciting tite ‘Valkyr Unleashed’. The titular Valkyr is a Berserker Warframe armour that allows some pretty awesome punishment to be doled out by your future-ninja self, but update 11 also includes a stack of other content including a new damage system, more environments, and two new bosses to challenge. 

The update will feature a new event, The Hunt for Alad V, which will offer up further story and also reflects choices that you have made prior to the boss battle with Alad V himself. A second boss battle will involve fighting Sargas Ruk.

Developer Digital Extremes has also been working on an overhaul to the damage system, that will now reflect what weapons and attacks were used against the damaged character, rather than just a simple generic hit system. The team wanted something that would remain relevant for years to come, so it should be quite impressive.

To help players scavenge for loot, a new drone is now available that you can set to go off and hunt for loot. This creates some management issues, with players able to send the drone out to more lucrative-but-dangerous areas, risking damage or loss of the drone in return for better returns.

Update 11 is available for Warframe now.

Cheers, VG247.