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Warframe Update 9 introduces community-designed armour


Digital Extremes have launched update 9.0 for their co-op ninja-em-up Warframe – which Tim had some grumps with in his Warframe review – and it brings with it the first bit of community-designed content. The NOVA Warframe is an anti-matter themed suit of armour that has been totally designed by players, and is available to use right now.

Players that are part of The Design Council – a forum of users ranked Master and Grand Master Founders – collaborated with Warframe’s designers through conversation and a series of votes. The result is the NOVA Warframe that provides anti-matter abilities such as creating portals for battlefield teleportation, and creating clouds of explosive blue energy that clings to enemies.

Alongside the NOVA there’s a collection of new weapons – the Sobek shotgun, the Hikou thowing stars, and the Spectra concentrated laser pistol – and a new series of 14 Warframe helmets.

There’s now opportunity to customise your Dojo too, with the ability to decorate the place with statues and other ninja-worthy tat. Who wouldn’t want to bring a bit of class to their living area with a ten-foot tall statue of a mech right in the middle of the room?