Warframe Carbides and Cubic Diodes: where to farm ahead of Railjack

Building your Railjack in time for the Empyrean release requires farming a lot of materials, here’s how to get what you need


Warframe Carbides and Cubic Diodes are planetary resources you’ll need if you’re making your way through the new Rising Tides’ content and building a Railjack. The mini-expansion is in preparation for the next big update, though we don’t have an exact Warframe Empyrean release date just yet. On the bright side, though, we can make a start on building our spaceship so we have something to do while we wait.

The Rising Tide quest involves obtaining a fuselage and a propulsion system. Getting the former requires Cubic Diodes, and the latter calls for Carbides – 100 and 60 of them, respectively. While Warframe is known for its hefty grind, there are easier ways you can get your mitts on these resources, which we’ll break down.

The locations you can get these materials have changed in a recent patch, so you may want to keep that in mind if you have a regular spot you go to farm. Now that’s all out of the way, here are the best ways to farm Carbides and Cubic Diodes in Warframe.

Where to find Warframe Cubic Diodes

Step one of the quest to get our Railjack is all about building a fuselage, and part of that requires – for whatever reason – Cubic Diodes. We’ll need 100 of them, but it’s not too hard if you know what you’re doing.

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You can get Cubic Diodes from Eximus units, but you’ll need to fight them on Europa. We’d recommend heading to Larzac on the planet if you want to farm them. Knock out 15 waves, and you’ll find that Eximus units are reasonably common.

Where to find Warframe Carbides

Step two of the Rising Tide quest requires obtaining a propulsion system, and part of that includes getting 60 Carbides.

We find that the easiest way of doing this is by killing Eximus units again, but on a different planet – poor Eximus won’t know what hit ‘em. If you want to encounter a bunch of them in a short space of time we recommend heading to Ceres this time and doing Seimeni endless mission, and you should start noticing them around 15 waves in, much like before.

And there you have it, two nifty spots to find Warframe Carbides and Cubic Diodes. It’s still a bit of a grind to be honest, but you’ll likely be used to that if you’ve been with Digital Extremes’ ninja-themed space epic for any amount of time.