Warframe’s pulling out the squirt guns for its summer event

Head for the beach, Tenno.

Warframe is running a limited time summer-themed event that sees Tenno slip on their flip-flops and hoist their squirt guns to compete for the most Grineer soakings. Feel like taking a break from the hostile climate of Venus? Cool off, and earn some extra credits, with the Dog Days summer event.

Dog Days is a pretty simple affair. Two teams of Tenno square off at the beach, each member holding a Soaktron, which is Warframe’s answer to the Super Soaker of old. Players won’t be able to use mods, pets, or abilities in Dog Days – instead, everyone’s on even footing. Your job is to squirt as many grouchy Grineer as possible, and the team with the most ‘kills’ wins. When your squirt-gun runs out of water, head to a fountain and fill ‘er up.

The event runs until August 12, and if you play you’ll be able to earn the Redeemer Abysso skin, Hydroid’s Relay scene for cool screenshots, the Hydroid Reprise noggle, and the Stratos Emblem.

Each reward is tied to specific mission, and completing each one comes with an added bonus of 50,000 in-game credits. Through August 6, you’ll also earn double credits on all normal missions, which is nice.

Here’s the trailer, amusingly made in the style of obnoxious early ’90s toy commercials:

YouTube Thumbnail

During the Dog Days event, you’ll also earn an extra Space Ninja contest entry, the winner of which will receive $250,000 toward an actual trip to space. You can read more about that contest over at the official site.

After that moving new intro cinematic unveiled at TennoCon this year, it’s nice to see the Warframe crew can still kick back and have some good-natured fun at the beach.