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Warframe needs you to unlink, then re-link, your Twitch account

Twitch Drops 2.0 is coming soon, but you'll need to do some admin for it to work with your account

Heads up, Tenno: Warframe has a new system for Twitch drops inbound, but if you’ve been set up to receive Twitch drops for a while now, you’ll have to unlink, then re-link, your Warframe and Twitch accounts to receive the benefits. You’ll want to do this before February 16, which is when Drops 2.0 goes live for the MMO game. Don’t worry though, it only takes a minute or two.

Digital Extremes community manager Megan Everett explains the process in a post to the Warframe forums, which you can find here – along with the links you’ll need for every step in the (thankfully brief) process. You’ll need to log in to Twitch, then log in to your Warframe account and unlink it from Twitch – which you can do by following this link.

That done, head back to Twitch and disconnect your Warframe account – you’ll find it under ‘Other Connections’ in your Settings/Connections page. You’ll have to confirm the disconnect action by clicking ‘yes’. The important thing here is to make sure that you’ve unlinked the accounts from both the Twitch and the Warframe sides, at which point you can proceed to link them back up again.

Head to your Warframe account settings and click the big ‘Link Account’ button on the banner for linking Twitch and Warframe accounts. That will bump you back over to Twitch, which will ask if you really want to link your accounts. Once you’ve confirmed that you do, double check both on your Warframe and Twitch accounts that the connection is active, and that the correct accounts are linked.

When Drops 2.0 goes live, you’ll begin to see a chat message at the top of the chat window whenever you pop into a channel that has Warframe drops active. You’ll be able to find more information about the drop – what it might contain, and what the requirements are, for instance – by clicking and expanding that message.

When you’ve met the requirements, you’ll have to manually claim your drop – you can do that either by using the chat popup window when the drop happens, or by finding it in your Twitch inventory and claiming it there.