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Warframe’s Fortuna is getting a second chapter, and it looks intense

The next part of Warframe’s Fortuna expansion, which focuses on a resistance movement on Venus, takes players to the surface to fight a massive spider walker, called The Profit Taker.

Digital Extremes discussed a few details about the next phase of Fortuna on Friday’s devstream on Twitch. Warframe director Steve Sinclair said part two of Fortuna will present a new questline on Venus, centered out of Fortuna. Players will be able to team up with several of Fortuna’s new VIP characters to help the Vox Solaris faction mount a counter-offensive on the surface of the planet, in Warframe’s sprawling new open-world environment, the Orb Vallis.

Fortuna already has some tough areas, particularly for early-game players. Sinclair said the second part of the Fortuna story will require players to have a minimum standing level with Vox Solaris – a requirement that both functions as a level check and works with the storyline. Since this is a top-secret commando assault, it makes sense that the faction organizing the attack needs to trust you before bringing you on board.

Once you’ve completed the prerequisite quests and earned enough standing, it’s time to “bring out the big guns,” as the teaser below hints.

The big guns, of course, are Archwing weapons. Formerly used only in special zero-G space combat missions, now you’ll be able to equip heavy Archwing guns for surface missions. And that’s a good thing, because these gigantic spider-walkers are going to be beasts to take down.

Prominently featured in the teaser video is the Grattler, the powerful quad-barrel weapon that looks almost like an anti-aircraft gun. It fires explosive projectiles in space, which should make it pretty entertaining to cart around down on the Venusian surface.

Digital Extremes, per usual, didn’t say when the next questline will be available, but it sounds as though it’ll be out soon.

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