Warframe Gauss abilities: what you should know about codename Running Man

This new Frame arrives alongside the imperious Grendel - here are all the abilities you can expect to wield

Looking for the latest Warframe Gauss abilities? Developer Digital Extremes has revealed details on the upcoming Frame, who will be released alongside his buddy, Warframe’s Grendel. And no, we’re not sure how closely that suit reflects the big bad from ancient yarn, Beowulf.

Anyway, a Warframe Gauss release date hasn’t been confirmed, as the two are set to launch side-by-side. Despite this simultaneous Frame drop, there is no ability information available yet for Grendel. We have, however, seen a video of the two in play, and Grendel’s heavy, imposing Warframe build is a contrast to Gauss’ slim and agile frame. Their differing styles are shaping up to be an asset to any co-op party: Grendel can take the pain as well as dish it out, and Gauss’ abilities in Warframe allow it to gracefully avoid attacks and use its natural speed to shower down pain to enemies from all sides.

Our first look at Warframe’s Gauss, previously known as Running Man, saw him do exactly that, and at very high pace, across the battlefield. Gauss’ passive ability includes a boost to shield recharge rate, alongside four skills which play on Gauss’ impressive speed. Let’s take a look at the four Warframe Gauss abilities and when you can expect the new suit.

Warframe Gauss abilities

mach rush

This gives you a quick warp forward on tap, and lets you run at extreme speeds – even over water – when you hold it down. If you run into an object or enemy at speed, you’ll deal a wave a damage on impact.

Kinetic Plating

Gauss’ second ability drains from a gauge to protect against physical, cold, and heat damage while granting you energy – and it causes an extra slash on a Mach Rush impact.

aoe attacks

Gauss’ third ability lets you tap for a cold area-of-effect attack, or hold for a heat AoE. If you hit an enemy with both, you’ll get an additional blast proc, and you can get a bonus freeze effect if you use cold twice, or extra damage over time for using heat twice.


Redline bestows a big buff to speed, including movement, attacks, and reloads.

The reveal came alongside news of the Star Wars inspired update, Warframe Empyrean, which sees the addition of multi-crew ships and massive space battles.

As ever, we’ll keep you updated on the Gauss release date when we know more, as well as any news and updates as to what we can expect from Warframe’s Grendel and his abilities.