New Warframe Gauss arrives in this week’s Saint of Altra update

The Saint of Altra release date is upon us

The newest Warframe to hit Digital Extremes’ free-to-play shooter is Gauss, and you won’t have to wait very long to play him. Gauss releases this week as part of the Saint of Altra update, and the named release brings plenty of other notable changes, including a big expansion to the Disruption Mode, and new ways to show off your custom builds.

We already got plenty of details on all the Gauss abilities, but in short he’s a speed-focused frame who uses movement to build up a gauge that unleashes his special abilities. Gauss gets a high-speed sprint that can slam into enemies, an AoE attack that can deal hot or cold damage, and a big ability that boosts all his stats past their usual limits.

The newly-expanded Disruption Mode now features in a bunch of fresh locations across the system, including the Orokin Moon, Corpus Outpost, and Grineer Galleon, Settlement, and Kuva Fortress. The new missions and locations also bring in new enemies to boot, as well as additional rewards to pick up.

You can get a full list of all the smaller quality of life updates on the official site, but the most exciting additions are probably the new Mod Links and Look Links, which let you generate a quick link to show off your cosmetic build or mod loadout with just a click.

Check out Gauss in action with the trailer above.

All this hits PC in the Saint of Altra update this week, though console players will get access to the content within the next month.