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Warframe’s Heart of Deimos takes us to a new infested open world

The Martian moon of Deimos has been choked by the Infested in Warframe's third open world zone

Warframe is preparing to launch its next big expansion, the Heart of Deimos, and with it comes the spacefaring MMO‘s third big open world zone. Deimos, Mars’ second moon, is completely choked with Infested growth, and a new questline takes you there to discover what’s brought Deimos back into the solar system and prevent an interdimensional catastrophe.

Developer Digital Extremes announced the Heart of Deimos release date at TennoCon 2020 today, and it’s coming soon: the expansion will launch on all platforms – a first for Warframe – August 25. When it arrives, we’ll be able to look forward to exploring one of the most interesting, as well as most disgusting, environments that Digital Extremes has created to date.

The Deimos open world zone is called the Cambion Drift. It’s a combination of a hand-crafted surface layer that’s noticeably more vertical than the Plains of Eidolon and the Orb Vallis areas introduced in years past, and a semi procedurally generated network of tunnels underground. Everywhere you look, the Infested’s biological rot can be seen in the form of brown connective tissue and glowing orange boils.

“The team has gone all out on making this world feel alive,” said Rebecca Ford, Warframe’s live operations and community director, as she narrated a guided tour through the early story moments of the Heart of Deimos.

The Cambion Drift contains some never-before-seen new game elements for Warframe. There are new enemies that can throw other enemies at you and spin webs, new resources to collect and native wildlife to identify and conserve. Those include a new spin on the K-drive hoverboard: some of Deimos’ native wildlife are dragonfly-like bugs that you can hop on and ride around the corrupted environment.

There are also the Necramechs – powered suits of undead armour for Tenno that will join the Archwing as another customisable piece of gear in your Warframe arsenal. And there’s the new Helminth Chrysalis system, which lets you sacrifice old, unused warframes to swap their powers into your favourite suits.

It’s a huge update, and we can’t wait to dive in August 25.