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Warframe gets massive free update with new character, quest, and more

Warframe shows no signs of slowing down despite being released over 11 years ago, it's adding another Warframe in this huge free update.

angelic warframe jade

Warframe fans are eating good today with a huge new update that adds a new Warframe, single-player quest, new mission type, and some quality of life improvements. Jade will be the 57th Warframe added to the game, and her light has attracted some beasties you’ll need to take care of in a new clan operation, Belly of the Beast.

Warframe, the free-to-play shooter game, has been going strong for over 11 years now, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Jade is the 57th Warframe, and her powers of song will be a great benefit to people that like to play support roles. Light’s Judgment is an ability that creates a well of light that heals allies and hurts enemies.

There’s also Symphony of Mercy, which cycles through three different buffs; one increases ability strength, one boosts weapon damage, and the final one improves shield regeneration, meaning you’ll be able to keep killing and healing. Jade can also use a stare attack that melts enemy armor and revives fallen allies at a distance.

You can try out these new moves once you’ve played the new game mode, Ascension. In it, you’ll be tasked with getting through the Stalker’s lair to an extraction point while marauding corpus forces attack. You’ll get a chance to play as this character in a new single-player quest that delves into her backstory as a Low Guardian during the fall of the Orokin empire. You must complete Ascension missions to acquire the parts necessary to craft Jade and her weapons.

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There are also quality of life improvements coming to this update that will show you recommended resistances from the Star Chart so that you can properly gear up for you missions against the various factions.

If you want to get stuck into this fresh update but you’re not quite strong enough, our Warframe build guide should help you out. If it’s been a while since you’ve played and you’ve changed the platform you play on, we’ve got a cross progression and cross save guide, too.

Or, you could play another multiplayer game instead, or try some other great free games.

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