Warframe’s next Operation swaps warframes for chonky mech battles

There's a brand-new elementalist warframe on the way with the Operation called Lavos, too

Warframe, Digital Extremes’ free-to-play action-RPG game, is in for a brand-new Operation soon. Called Orphix Venom, the upcoming limited-time op will put a bit of a different twist on Warframe’s previous offerings, dropping the, er, warframes in favour of a full-on battle between the shooter’s chonky mechs.

As announced by Digital Extremes as part of a big dev update livestream, Operation Orphix Venom is “coming soon to PC”, and is essentially an all-mech co-op event you can tackle either solo or in teams of two to four players. The eponymous Orphix are essentially sentient AI baddies that can disable your Tenno’s warframes’ power, making them useless. That means you’re left to battle them by buckling into the hefty, undead, armoured war machines, Necramechs.

To obtain a Necramech, you’ll need to complete various steps, such as completing the Heart of Deimos quest and War Within quests, as well as hit the Clearance: Modus rank with the Necraloids Syndicate and get crafting its component parts (there are various guides online if you’re keen to find full how-tos). When you’re at the helm of your own Necramech, you’ll be tackling droves of Orphix foes.

It’s worth noting though, as DE highlights on Twitter, that it’s no problem if you don’t have your own chonky mech by the time the op rolls around – “you will be able to borrow one!” Sweet.

The prizes awaiting players at the end of the new Operation are a bunch of Arcanes for upgrading warframes and unlock for a new warframe altogether – an elementalist type called Lavos. The “eccentric master of experimentation”, as DE calls him, and “manipulating the laws of the physical realm, his elemental craftsmanship permeates the battlefield”. You can check out his warframe profile in the clip below.

YouTube Thumbnail

There’s no specific word on when we can expect Warframe’s Operation Orphix Venom to drop just yet, but it’s due to hit our home platform “soon”. Lovely stuff.

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