Warframe devs ask people to pose with the Opticor – then cars start exploding

Warframe's developers put an Opticor in the hands if innocent bystanders

TennoCon came upon us last weekend, and Digital Extremes took the opportunity to share plenty of details on the future of Warframe. There’s also plenty of fun outside of the game itself, and not just that $250,000 trip to space – the developers have also taken the opportunity freak out a bunch of people by bringing one of Warframe’s guns into the real world.

In a new video titled, appropriately enough, ‘Video Game Weapon Prank,’ the folks behind Warframe set up a location on a city street for photos with the Opticor. Strangers come up, grab the gun, and pose – while someone behind the scenes hits a button on a remote control, lighting up the weapon, and setting nearby props including a police car and mailbox to explode.

As you might imagine, the property destruction gets some pretty good reaction out of the crowd – though maybe the ‘Warframe Opticor Stunt’ markings on the side of the police car should’ve given the gag away.

You can see it all for yourself in the video below.

If you’re in the mood for more Warframe videos, check out the new intro cinematic from director Dan Trachtenberg.

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You can also check out further details on Grendel, the Duviri Paradox, or the New War for more on the actual gameplay side of Warframe – there’s plenty left to come for the game in the near future.