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Warframe is getting a big Railjack rework

The devs want to make Railjack "more arcade-y"

Warframe‘s Railjack content has been with us for some time now, and the results have been somewhat mixed. Developer Digital Extremes knows it, too – the studio is now working on a big rework for that segment of the game, tentatively known internally as Railjack Revisited. The basic version? Expect little new Raijack content while the developers make sure that segment of the game is actually fun.

This is a “wholesale tuning/balance/fun pass to Railjack,” lead designer Scott McGregor says in a YouTube interview with Quite Shallow. “Right now, the Railjack feels like it’s drowning all the time. You’re constantly patching holes. You’re constantly at zero health. You’re constantly in a state of ‘on fire’.” The devs want to make Railjack “more, for lack of a better term, ‘arcade-y’.”

In concrete terms, the studio is looking at changes like a lower TTK on enemies, faster movement for the Railjack, and a more friendly balance for the economy and crafting materials. Another change limits the number of breaches, fires, and electricity hazards that can happen down to one at a time – those events are now much more dangerous, but much less frequent.

All those specifics are subject to change – after all, this update hasn’t even been formally announced yet – but you shouldn’t expect much new Railjack content in the meantime. It seems that Digital Extremes wants to focus on those core improvements before investing time in brand-new content.

“I want to make sure that the core combat loop for Railjack is solid enough. Is it fun to kill fighters? Is it fun to engage against a crew ship? Exterminate is what we call our simplest mission. If we can make Exterminate fun and engaging, then when we make other more interesting, more complicated game modes then those should be fun as well.”

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You can hear McGregor’s comments for yourself in the video above. The discussion on Railjack improvements starts in earnest at around the 18:00 mark. We’ve also got more free PC games for you to check out while awaiting the latest Warframe updates.