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Warfame sets another new Steam player and Twitch viewer record for TennoCon

Warframe's putting up bigger numbers than ever

Warframe‘s big annual fan convention still managed to convene a lot of fans, despite the fact that it was all-digital this year. TennoCon brought the reveal of the Heart of Deimos and several other big Warframe additions, and might just have set the standard for game reveal events moving forward. It also set new records for Warframe on both Twitch and Steam.

On August 1, Warframe hit a peak concurrent player record of 155,004, as SteamDB shows – not counting the players on console or the standalone PC launcher. That’s up from the previous record, set during TennoCon 2018, of 132,201 concurrent players. We know Warframe hit a total of 50 million players back in March 2019, but we haven’t gotten an updated total figure since then.

TennoCon also brought in a record number Twitch viewers for the game – 433,476 at the peak, up from 419,497 at TennoCon 2019, and 407,693 at TennoCon 2018, as TwitchTracker shows. In a press release, Digital Extremes says that TennoCon 2020 brought in a total of 2.44 million hours watched, between Twitch and broadcasts on Steam.

You can check out a taste of TennoCon 2020 below.

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