Warframe fest TennoCon 2021 kicks off this July

Get ready for the festival of all things Warframe


Earlier this year, developer Digital Extremes announced that the 2021 edition of TennoCon – the event that celebrates all things Warframe – is once again going all-digital. Now, the studio has announced the dates and full details on what this year’s offering will bring – so, buckle up, Warframe fans.

First up, the when. Digital Extremes has announced that TennoCon 2021 kicks off on Saturday, July 17, and it’ll be streaming across several different platforms for the low, low price of free. As is the case each year, the 2021 edition of the annual Warframe fest will see a full-day event featuring “game reveals, in-game activities, developer panels, the fan-favourite community art show, cosplay contest, and more”, as DE explains in a press release.

There are also TennoCon digital packs coming again this year, which this time will be in partnership with the Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness. This Canada-based charity provides emergency shelter and supportive housing for people of all genders aged 18 and over who are struggling to avoid and escape homelessness.

There will be three digital packs on offer this year. The TennoCon 2021 digital pack – priced at £16.99 / $20.99 – includes some exclusive in-game cosmetics, items, and a Baro’s Relay ticket.

The second tier option – £44.99 – is a TennoCon 2021 merchandise pack, which additionally includes a themed shirt, lanyard and acrylic charm, badge, pin, and ship display. The third option is a TennoCon 2021 bundle that combines the two for a lower price ($64.99). You can find out more about these packs on the Warframe site here.

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More details about this year’s all-digital Warframe fest will arrive in the coming months, DE says, so keep a weather eye on its channels for more information closer to the time.