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New Warframe update adds much-requested feature to Jade Shadows

One week after the launch of Warframe Jade Shadows the team at Digital Extremes delivers improvements to its story quest and cross saves.

Warframe update adds much-requested Jade Shadows replay feature - A figure with a bright orange geometric design lit up across their face.

A new Warframe update has rolled out following the launch of its Jade Shadows story quest, introducing a much-requested feature allowing players to step back into the shoes of the Stalker. The team also addresses some community questions, including whether we’ll ever get our hands on magic staves in the free co-op game.

The Warframe Jade Shadows update launched on Tuesday June 18, introducing the new Jade frame alongside a new story quest that follows the mysterious Stalker. In its latest episode of the Warframe Devshorts livestream, creative director Rebecca Ford and CEO Steve Sinclair thank the community for being careful not to spoil the new quest for players who have yet to check out the free Steam game’s latest update.

Arriving today is the Jade Shadows quest replay feature, allowing you to experience it again if you’ve already seen it through to completion. Reading the live chat, Sinclair asks, “Why is the quest so short?” “Because we had TennoCon to do,” Ford responds, “it was short and sweet.” She adds that the team is working on more Stalker lore, too, so if you’ve been left eager for a deeper dive into the assassin’s backstory you can look forward to that.

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Ahead of TennoCon, which takes place on Friday July 19 and Saturday July 20, new collectible Prex cards have been scattered around the Relays for you to discover, featuring a mix of new and fan-favorite warframes. The team is also aware of a bug causing blast to deal self-damage and is busy working on a fix.

Asked when we can expect to see cosmetics for the Kullervo frame, Ford says, “We have nothing in the queue, but his time is coming.” You’ll see a selection of new cosmetics for some older frames at TennoCon, she teases, but doesn’t give away exactly what we can expect. You’ll also be able to earn the new AX-52 assault rifle and the Saryn Prime frame as Twitch drops by watching the event live.

Continuing the community questions, Ford then asks Sinclair, “Can I use a magic staff yet?” “No, not yet,” he replies, “Stick to Elden Ring for that for now.” Ford notes that the Kuva Kesheg polearm is “so close to being a scepter,” while Sinclair says it’s something they’ll look into adding in the future.

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Sinclair and Ford also address the issue with cross-save account linking at the launch of Jade Shadows that prevented some players from merging their accounts. Now, any items purchased with real money will be added to your chosen primary account, which is also the one that brings in its quest completion for your newly linked account. The team recommends reading its cross-save FAQ if you still need additional help.

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