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Warframe’s Chroma Prime is live now, here’s how to get it

Warframe Prime Access now includes the Chroma Prime frame

The Warframe Prime Access packs has been refreshed. It now contains the Chroma Prime, an ancient legend among the primes, it also new gives Prime Program owners the Rubico Prime and Gram Prime weapons.

The original version of Chroma was released back in 2015, it was a frame that was able to switch its elemental attribute between missions by customising the frame’s colour (chroma chromatic. Smart, eh?). This Prime version of the Frame gives you additional armour and energy capacity, as well as a passive to disperse 250 energy to nearby players when you touch a void death orb.

There are three Prime Access Packs on sale, Spectral Scream, Elemental Ward, and Effigy. Only Elemental Ward and Effigy include Chroma Prime, so make sure you’re buying the right one before you spend any cash. All three packs also net you a bundle of Platinum. All the new items can be earned through the Relic hunting system.

For more on the Prime Access programme, check out this FAQ, or browse its current rotation.

In related news, Warframe’s coming Fortuna expansion is its latest major content drop. We still don’t have a precise Warframe Fortuna release date, but you’ll find everything else we know about it so far – including its story, details of its funky hoverboards, and a few trailers to watch – at that link.