Warframe Echoes of the Sentient update brings new wall-running, sleek robot suits


I’ve always wanted to be a space robot doing flippy shit and shooting high-powered weaponry. It’s second on my to-do list after ‘get rich’ which, I assume, would be required to become a space robot (capable of flippy shit and in possession of high-powered weaponry). It’s possible that with the latest update to third person co-op shooter Warframe that problematic middle man can be skipped. Here’s the low-down in video form.

To my untrained eye the new warframe, Equinox, seems very powerful. Its two modes are broadly “fast ‘n’ offensive” and “shielded ‘n’ armoured” with abilities to match whichever you’re in. Obviously it depends on how the numbers are pushed and how easy it is to switch between them, but being able to fulfill both roles is powerful, even if it’s less good at either than a dedicated warframe would be.

The movement system seems to be a total overhaul. Two types of mid-air jumps have been added, wall-running is now possible and that’s just for starters. It’s a very strange thing to change this far into a game’s life cycle, as earlier maps and balance decisions will never have been made with these capabilities in mind. The new Unreal Tournament, for example, had getting its movement system locked down as a first priority, as it informed everything else.

There’s a litany of further changes detailed over on the official site, as well as more details about what’s said above. You can play Warframe free on Steam.