Here’s your first look at Warframe’s revamped melee combat


In a developer livestream that aired yesterday, Digital Extremes showed off the revamped and improved Melee 3.0 combat coming to Warframe in a future update. Improvements include being able to add heavy attacks to combos, and being able to choose where to strike on the ground with a heavy jump attack. The highlight, however, is the ability to do combo aerial attacks.

Aerial attacks do feature in Warframe, but they previously could not be combo-ed in the same way ground attacks could be – now players can do just that. Furthermore, as the developers point out on the stream, this also means that players are able to ‘float’ for longer in the air and so reach higher areas or items.

The video also notes how the current ‘channeling’ button will be replaced with a ‘heavy strike’ button, which players can hold down to constantly make heavy attacks during combos. This was previously revealed alongside the ‘guided’ jump strike back in May, but this is the first time any of the new features of Warframe’s Melee 3.0 revamp have been shown off.

The livestream, which you can check out below, also featured a few bits about the upcoming open-world Fortuna expansion and a new look at the upcoming Revenant Warframe.

The details on the improvements to the melee system can be found at around the 33:00 mark.

You can also check out a lot of the details on the upcoming Fortuna open-world Venus expansion we gleaned from Tennocon 2018, which adds the likes of animal hunting, hoverboarding, and gigantic spider boss battles. It’s currently due autumn/fall 2018. Digital Extremes did not reveal when the revamped melee combat would be added, but hopefully it won’t be too far away.