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Warframe replaces alerts with Nightwave starting today

The Wolf of Saturn Six is here to kick off Nightwave

Warframe’s long-standing alert system is getting retired in favour of Nightwave, and that changeover happens today. The new system is an ongoing radio broadcast that offers up new bits of narrative along with a more reliable way of earning in-game rewards through a series of regular challenges.

The first Nightwave is titled the Wolf of Saturn Six – a name we saw on the same roadmap that unveiled Hildryn and Wisp. You’ll hear the voice of host Nora Night on the Nightwave, and you’ll get access to new challenges which will build Nightwave standing and get you a special type of currency to spend on unique rewards. Once the Wolf of Saturn Six concludes, another Nightwave with its own story and rewards will begin afterwards.

The Nightwave rewards are exclusive, time-limited items ranging from Orokin Catalysts to weapon and Warframe slots, as well as time-sensitive cosmetics. The rewards formerly offered by the alert system are getting rolled into a new ‘cred offerings’ store, which you’ll make purchases from using the currency earned from Nightwave challenges.

You can see everything changing today in the patch notes on the official forums.

Nightwave is also notable as the first bit of Warframe content available simultaneously across all platforms.

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TennoCon 2019 tickets are coming up for sale soon too, so we’ve got plenty of reasons to keep an eye on Warframe in the near future.