Warframe gets spearfishing, because “what is an open-world game without fishing?”

Warframe, Plains of Eidolon, Spearfishing

It’s all change for Warframe. Digital Extremes revealed in a livestream tonight that its procedurally generated corridor shooter is going open world, you’ll meet a whole new race of people, and you’ll be able to fly across the land in your archwing.

The most exciting new feature? It’s got to be spear fishing.

Here’s everything we know about Plains of Eidolon.

Speaking to us ahead of the livestream, live ops and community producer Rebecca Ford told us that the open-world section will be set along a coastline [link] and populated by a race of scavengers. And what do scavengers living along a coastline do for food? Fish, naturally.

“We added spear weapons to the game this year, a new holster type,” Ford explains. “Those were added, and we also added spearfishing – because what is an open-world game without fishing?”

I’m certainly looking forward to spending an evening skimming across the Eidolon sea in my archwing flight suit and spearing fish in the waters below.