The scars of Warframe’s ‘old war’ mark its open world

Warframe, Plains of Eidolon, plains

Warframe’s move to open world lets developers Digital Extremes show the world-ending war players have been told about for years.

Here’s everything we know about Plains of Eidolon.

The Old War is core to Warframe’s lore, live ops and community producer Rebecca Ford tells us: “we’ve referenced in-game for years.”

The war is “essentially the turning point that made warframes what they are. We all know it was an epic battle. We have it in writing, we have it in lore, we have it in quests, but we’ve never seen what carnage came from it.”

With the plains of Eidolon, Warframe’s first open-world area, Digital Extremes can finally show the war that we’ve been hearing about since the game first launched back in 2013.

“The [team] got to put that carnage into reality with the open zone, because this race of Sentients, which we introduced last year, they’re scary,” Ford explains. “But we haven’t seen a lot of them. We’ve seen them do some nasty things, but we haven’t seen the chaos that they provided, and now we’re basically walking through a Sentient graveyard. That’s why we’re calling it The Planes of the [Eidolon], because at night-time dead things make ghosts.”

“You’ve got to look out for that,” Ford teases.