You will have to decode the language of Warframe’s scavenger people

Warframe, Plains of Eidolon, Cetus

Digital Extremes don’t half-ass it when it comes to updates: as well as turning Warframe into an open-world game, populating it with quests and a new race of people, the developers have created a new language for you to decode.

Here’s everything we know about Plains of Eidolon.

This isn’t the first time Digital Extremes have added a new language to the game. According to live ops and community producer Rebecca Ford, “one thing that’s been really exciting for fans and players is to try and decrypt the languages [we’ve created]. At this point, we have three distinct languages with their own alphabets that everyone has decoded.”

The Ostrons are a peaceful people and come to the game with “their own language with its own script,” Ford says. “That will be something people catch onto pretty quickly, I think.”

You will be able to perform quests in the world without understanding the Ostron’s language. But if you do learn to read their scrawl you’ll find the hand-crafted world draped in messages and history to uncover.