Ember and Frost headline next week’s Warframe Prime Vault

The next vault opens just as the current one closes


The current Warframe Prime Vault is set to close on January 29 – and the next one will open on the same day. While back-to-back Vaults are a new development, this works just like it has in the past, as a set of previously vaulted items become available once again. This time the headliners are the Ember Prime and Frost Prime, which are available as part of a top tier dual pack.

This new vault closes on March 26. In addition to the usual Prime variants of Ember and Frost, the Fire & Ice Dual Prime Pack will get you Latron Prime, Reaper Prime, Sicarus Prime, Glaive Prime, and 1200 Platinum. Plus you’ll have the Misa and Pyra Prime Syandanas, a Titan Extractor Prime with blueprint, and a selection of Prime Glyphs.

You can also get those items divided out in smaller packs, if you’re looking for a few specific things. The Ice Prime Pack has Frost, Latron and Reaper, while the Fire Prime Pack has Ember, Sicarus, and Glaive – each come with 400 Platinum and a few of the other bonus items.

If you really want to narrow what you’re getting, there are also a pair of Accessory Packs with even more limited options. You can find more details on the official site.

In more forward-looking news, Digital Extremes revealed Hildryn and Wisp last week – and though details on the new Warframes are scant we do have a taste of what to expect.

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Warframe broke into Steam’s top-selling games of 2018 despite being free-to-play, so the Prime system certainly seems to be working out. Maybe we’ll see this accelerated pace of Vault openings continue.