Warframe’s The Glast Gambit expansion lets you spawn homing maggots

Warframe Glast Gambit

The Glast Gambit is live for Warframe, delivering a new quest as well as new weapons and mods in a free update.

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The most standout part of the update, for me, is the new playable Lotus warrior who can fire out homing maggots, grow massive tendrils and deflect damage at enemies. The maggots really sell that one.

There’s also a new quest. In it, “Nef Anyo has stolen the children of the Mycona Colony, and the Tenno must challenge Nef in The Index and beat him at his own game”. That might mean something to you if you play Warframe. I’m just here for the maggots, to be honest.

You’ll also be able to fire new corrupted weapons and fit them with fresh customisations. Here’s what weapons and mods you get:

  • Hema: Wield this symbiotic burst-rifle designed to leech health to forge its ammo, and then restore health with each headshot.
  • Hirudo: Rip into the enemy with fists of razor sharp cartilage. Steals health with each critical hit.
  • Riven mods: Expand your strength by wielding new Riven Mods for Secondary Weapons – but know that you must prove yourself before their powers are revealed.
  • Thorac Syandana: Drape yourself with the new sinuous spine of Infested anatomy.
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