Warframe’s next update, The Second Dream, will make death less expensive

Warframe update

With the year gearing up for it’s finale next month, Digital Extremes have seen fit to prepare Warframe for 2016 with its biggest update of the year, launching on December 2nd. Future ninjas will be able to embark upon the game’s first ‘cinematic quest’ in The Second Dream, fight in a new PvP map, Orokin Moonbase, and the whole game is about to become a bit more free-to-play. 

Warframe’s one of our best free Steam games

Warframe’s been around for almost three years now, but it sounds like the game has been a bit of an enigma during that whole period. That’ll change in The Second Dream, which Digital Extremes promises will “ultimately answer the question many players – better known as Tenno – have been asking for nearly three years, ‘What is a Warframe?’”

Three years to figure out what the titular warframes are — that seems like a weirdly long time. But hey, at least answers will be forthcoming.

Just as interesting is the tweaks being made to the business model. Like a lot of F2P games, Warframe encourages players to spend real cash by plonking down annoying restrictions. For instance, players who fall in battle need to either be revived by chums or spend a Revive Token, of which they only get four a day. At the moment, the only way to get more tokens is by spending money. In The Second Dream, that system is being done away with.

From December 2nd, players will get four Revive Tokens per match, which get restocked when they return to their ship. So death is not going to be expensive, anymore.

Sounds a lot less frustrating, doesn’t it?