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Warframe’s Yareli has already been buffed

That's quick work.

Warframe’s Sisters of Parvos update hasn’t been around for long, but Digital Extremes is already dishing out some changes in response to community feedback. Some of the more notable tweaks are for the new Warframe Yareli.

Yareli’s passive now has double the chance to do critical damage, and the number of sea snares created per ability you cast has been increased to five. Don’t worry, you can still have a maximum of 15 at once. Sea snares deal cold damage now, and will deal 125 damage per second to the foes caught within them. Aquablades now dealing 500 instead of 250, and they last longer now, too, going for 30 seconds. Riptide has also benefited from some buffs. The damage scaling per enemy caught within them has jumped up to 50% from 25%. You’ll also find that the damage has been swapped to cold and that enemies won’t be flung as far away when Riptide explodes.

The latest hotfix also comes with heaps of quality-of-life tweaks. The Lich screen now displays helpful text when your Kuva Lich or Sister flees to their respective Proxima region when appropriate. “This change aims to help players progress along the new Lich showdown flow when they reach this point and diminish confusion as to where their Kuva Lich/Sister has gone,” Digital Extremes explains.

Here are the changes in full:

Sisters of Parvos: Hotfix 30.5.2 from Warframe

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