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Wargroove gets a new story campaign with co-op as free DLC

Double Trouble is coming your way soon

The devs behind the Advance Wars-inspired strategy game Wargroove have been teasing a major free update for the past few weeks, and now we know exactly what shape it’ll take. The Double Trouble DLC is coming soon as a free addition for all existing owners of the game, adding a load of new features including a full new story campaign.

That campaign will be playable in local and online co-op – as well as solo – and will focus on the Outlaw faction as it’s forced into action after a sudden kidnapping. The Outlaws finally get commanders in this update. Wulfar has a hammer that can send enemies flying across the map, while the twins Errol and Orla have a pair of groove abilities that can either create an AoE heal effect, or an expanding mass of fire – both abilities have equal effects on enemies and allies.

The devs haven’t yet detailed the third commander, Vesper, but she’s a tough-lookin’ lady with a whip. The update also adds two new units. The thief can ransack enemy buildings and strongholds to get you bonus gold, though they’re defenseless in combat. The rifleman is an extremely powerful unit with massive range, but it has limited ammo.

There’s plenty more to the update, too, including new arcade missions, more competitive quick play maps, additional multiplayer lobby options, and a host of new features for the map, campaign, and cutscene editors. You can get full details on all those additions via the official site.

Double Trouble is “in the final testing phase,” but there’s no official release date just yet. It’s coming soon, but how soon remains to be seen.