Wargroove’s first big update adds difficulty settings other than ‘hard’

Wargroove gets better difficulty options, mid-mission checkpoints, and plenty more

Wargroove launched a month ago, and players seem to be latching onto Chucklefish’s take on turn-based strategy. The developers will launch the first big update for the game today, and it includes some major new features. (Sadly, no new dogs just yet.) The biggest changes focus on smoothing out the game’s harsh difficulty curve.

You’ll now be able to to set a checkpoint at any time during a mission, which will give you a safe point to return to if you fail. You can only have one checkpoint active at a time – so no save scumming – but this should give you more options when it comes to defeating the game’s toughest challenges.

The difficulty system is also set to be overhauled, with five presets: story, easy, medium, hard, and custom. The custom option offers the same sort of slider-based difficulty tweaking you had in the original, but the rest of the settings give you a more directed way to choose your experience. Hard is the same as the original difficulty level, and other options will put limitations on your potential rank or star count.

You can now see S rank requirements on the overview screen. Multiplayer now allows for CPU opponents in online games. Skipping scenes and battles is faster. You can turn on options to pick up movement speed or add a confirmation step when ending a turn.

Those are just the highlights, but you can get a full list of changes in the patch notes. The update goes live at 5:00 PST / 8:00 EST / 13:00 GMT.

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Wargroove DLC could be on the horizon now that the game has broken even, but it’s good to see these quality of life changes coming first.