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Warhammer 40K: Regicide trailer shows Space Marines and Orks playing chess… sort of

Orks and Space Marines on a stylized chessboard in Regicide.

There certainly are a lot of Warhammer games these days, aren’t there? We haven’t talked about Warhammer 40,000: Regicide in quite a while, but the Space Marine-themed chess game just had a trailer hit Youtube and preorder bundles open up on its store.

It sorta looks like chess, though I’m not clear on when area-of-effect grenades became a part of the game.

Let a thousand flowers bloom and all that, I suppose, but I have to admit I’m getting nostalgic for the days when a new Warhammer game meant that Relic were up to something cool. Nowadays, Space Marines can pop up in everything from a hex-wargame to a board game adaptation to a F2P mobile game.

Regicide is, on the one hand, a 40K-themed chess game. That’s one game mode. The other game mode, Regicide, sounds a little more like a modded version of chess to give it a little more dakka-dakka, if you get my meaning. This trailer, a PC Gamer exclusive, gives us some idea of what we’re in for.

The trailer certainly is oozing with the kind of action we expect when Orks and Space Marines meet one another. But I’m just not sure slapping Space Marines on chess is going to be a magic combo for me. Certainly I’m not moved to grab these surprisingly pricey preorders.

Regicide will be out at a time of the Emperor’s choosing. Even the greatest Farseers could not provide us with an exact release date.

via PC Gamer