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Dawn of War 3’s open beta runs April 21-24 and you can sign up now

Dawn of War 3 Beta

Update April 5, 2017: Relic have announced some information on the upcoming open beta for Dawn of War 3, including dates and how to sign up.

That’s right, you need to sign up for this open beta. Where many games just let you download and go, here you’ll need to register interest first so you can get a code. You’ll also need a Relic account, so head to the sign up page and get on with it. 

Here is everything we know about the grim darkness of Dawn of War 3.

The open beta will run from April 21 at 10am PST to April 24, ending at the same time as it starts. You can pre-load the beta from April 18.

There’s also a more intimate round of testing going off between April 7-10, though that’s for select individuals only. Relic say it’s to iron out kinks for the open beta.

As for content, you will have access to all three of the game’s factions – Space Marines, Eldar, and Orks – and a selection of elite heroes for each. On top of this, you can also experiment with a number of Doctrines, equipping your army how you see fit. You can paint them too.

You’ll be able to take on other players across three maps in both custom and matchmade battles. As with most betas, progression will be reset at launch.

Check out the official announcement for more.

Original Story February 28, 2017: Quietly announced via its newsletter for fans, Relic Entertainment have announced that they will be having a series of closed multiplayer playtests to tune elements of game balance ahead of Dawn of War 3’s launch. As with any testing environment, expect features and units found in these tests to be changed and reworked, following feedback from testers.

If you are interested in taking to the feel of battle to squash the skulls of some heretics and xenos under your massive Space Marine boot, there is a referral survey that you can fill out on Relic’s website if you want to be considered for these playtests.

Along with asking about your computer’s performance, the survey asks about your proficiency and expertise with MOBAs, RTSes and the Warhammer 40k universe. Relic want to get a wide variety of players in this internal beta so it doesn’t matter if you’re a lowly squig or a glorious Primarch, sign for this beta if you are at interested in playing Dawn of War 3.

The wording of the newsletter makes it seem like beta invitees will be sent out fairly soon, probably within the next two weeks, so get signed up now for a chance to fight in this or future beta tests. This also means that the release of the closed beta will unleash a flood of information about Dawn of War 3’s multiplayer, so get ready for the onslaught.

With Dawn of War 3 scheduled for a release sometime in 2017, this beta is a good sign that development is progressing smoothly at Relic, and that the team are happy to finally get an early version of the game in the hands of fans. The gods of Chaos will be very pleased.