An hour of Dawn of War 3 Eldar gameplay, narrated and explained

Eldar Wraithblade

Update December 8, 2016: The archive of the stream has now been published on YouTube.

If you want a first glimpse at the Eldar in Dawn of War 3, the VOD of yesterday’s stream is now available. In it, StarCraft analyst Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson breaks down one full mission as the faction over the course of an hour. It’s embedded above.

All this info will be added to our rundown of Dawn of War 3’s units and factions as soon as possible.

It’s not all new, with some of the information being already known – like the use of Elite units and how cover works – but much of it is new, like mobile bases, specific units and new heroes. The follow and sub notifications popping up every so often aren’t the best way to experience a new faction, so hopefully Relic release their own version soon.

Robinson and Relic have also confirmed that more content will be coming from the pair of them based on his visit to the studio in the past couple of weeks – expect a few more mini-info dumps before the holidays.

Update December 7, 2016:The Eldar gameplay stream with Geoff “InControl” Robinson has just aired.

The day has come to learn a little more about the Eldar in Dawn of War 3.

In a stream lasting just over an hour, InControl talked his viewers through some of the Eldar units and gameplay, giving us a little taste of what the race will be like to command.

We already knew Eldar would be glass cannons, but that was on show most with Phoenix Lord Jain Zar, a special unit on the Eldar side. Equipped with a triskele, she’s a guerrilla specialist who is great at diving into the fray for massive damage. If she takes sustained fire though, she dies rather easily.

Another thing that moved around the battlefield well was the Eldar base, which can be relocated at will, moving it up with your frontline. Even when it’s creating units, it can be budged along and production will continue.

One unit was bad at moving though: the Wraithlord. This towering special melee unit had devastating attacks, dragging its sword across the ground and decimating waves of troops, but it walks like it has had an accident in its wraithpants. The animation was super dodgy, but that could obviously be fixed for release.

InControl’s YouTube channel will host an archive of the video later, so keep an eye out for that.

Original story November 30, 2016:It looks like Dawn of War fans eager to get a glimpse of the hyper-advanced Eldar should tune in to a certain Twitch streamer on December 7 at 12pm Pacific, or 8pm for us in the UK.

The first hint comes from the Dawn of War account on Twitter. Two days ago they referred followers to Geoff Robinson, an ex-StarCraft 2 pro turned Twitch streamer who specialises in strategy games.

Turns out Robinson recently flew to developers Relic Games to record “some content” for Dawn of War. In an earlier Tweet, Robinson says “Eldar look amazing… can’t wait for you guys to see them.” It’s pretty safe to assume, then, that the first gameplay footage of the Eldar in action will be streamed on Robinson’s channel a week today:

The Eldar are one of the three confirmed launch factions for Dawn of War III, and differ from Space Marines and Orks in their aggressive, agile, glass-cannon gameplay. One new feature confirmed for Dawn of War III are towering ‘super units’, much bigger and stronger than others, and we recently learned that the Wraithlord will be representing the Eldar in this category.

Dawn of War III is scheduled for launch in early 2017. Here’s everything we know so far, if you’re thirsty for more heretical knowledge.

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