Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade alpha trailer showcases inter-marine MMO action

Eternal Crusade

Eternal Crusade’s trailer opens in the Kharon System where, we’re told, the situation is critical. But when is it not? That’s business as usual for the Imperium of Man, stood forever on the edge of the abyss while xenos from a variety of colourful backgrounds seek to give them a good shove. If that’s a world you’d like to inhabit, then you’re in luck: Behavior Interactive’s MMO is shaping up in closed alpha.

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The hands-on scrapping looks more like Space Marine than the cooldown combat of Dawn of War. And the sight of an industrial planet in Unreal 4 is spectacular. But because it’s an MMO, there’s that worry: are these hubs in which nothing ever really happens or changes?

Eternal Crusade promises to be different: a Planetside-style affair featuring battles with hundreds of combatants on both sides. Behavior are taking the “only war” thing seriously – there’ll be no storytelling here. If you meet any Librarians, expect they’ll be fonts of psychic energy rather than lore.

The current PvP closed beta incorporates Space Marines and Chaos – with Orks and Eldar, plus Tyranids as co-op opponents, on the horizon. Buy a founder’s pack, which sell for $40 or up to three times that if you want in-game currency, and you’ll participate in territorial conquest through faction campaigns. Sound like your sort of warfare?