Mobile Warhammer 40k tactics game Space Wolf ditches F2P for paid Steam release

Warhammer 40k space wolf pc

Space Wolf is one of the dozens of Warhammer games that Games Workshop has licensed over the past couple of years. It’s a tactics game that uses a card system to conduct combat and manage resources, previously free to play on mobile devices. In the transition it’s dropping F2P and going early access. The first version is set to release on February 16.

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It’s made by HeroCraft, who have made a whole load of mobile games. Their official Steam trailer is above, but doesn’t include any gameplay. Here’s how it looked on mobile, which will presumably bare at least some resemblance to what we’ll end up with on PC:

Well it’s not exactly XCOM but looks alright to me. They say on the Steam page they’re planning to release it later in 2017 once they’ve ironed out the bugs, balance issues and more. They’re also planning to add new, well, everything ot the game before that as part of the EA period.

No price as of yet, beyond more than free, probably less than full triple-A price. Seems like it would fit rather nicely in that £10 / $15 spot until full release, when they say they will increase the price a bit, as is standard.

Thanks, Blue.

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