Warhammer 40k F2P MOBA Dark Nexus Arena will release on Early Access today


More MOBAs, feed me more, scream the incoherent masses of PC gaming, sliding around on top of each other like so many conservative nightmares stitched together. And thus the universe doth provide, this time in the form of Warhamer 40k tie-in Dark Nexus Arena, which sees various iconic units and characters from Games Workshops’ space-based franchise battle it out as enslaved amusements for the Dark Eldar.

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The Early Access launch should happen within the next hour or so, though the store page for it doesn’t seem to be up yet. Keep an eye on the community and you should be alerted as soon as anything happens.

The game itself has a bit of that current Games Workshop crop shonkiness to it, where the developers clearly don’t have the money, time or other resources to make as big or flashy a game as they’d like. It looks okay, but even compared to the generally lower-quality graphics and animations of your average MOBA, it’s on the weak side.

As for how it plays, they’ve stripped away everything but the team-fighting and hero-killing from other MOBAs, giving you an arena to play around in and opponents to kill. It fleshes itself out with multiple modes, including a brand new one calledSoul Hunter where killed enemies drop souls that must be delivered to a central platform. Get enough and your team wins. You’ll be doing this as a number of different ‘heroes’ from around 40k, customisable via paid-for cosmetics that turn them from generic Terminators and Sisters of Battle into named characters. The latest is a Necron “Lychguard” who can defend allies as well as he blows up enemies.

Is the pull of 40k strong enough to get you to play another new MOBA?